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Expats Holidays is a top proficient travel agency in China which caters not only to the expats living in China, but also for the people coming from other countries to China for leisure or business travel.

Assisting each of our clients in organizing and booking their flights, hotels, package holidays, tours & activities, cruises even other means of transportation applicable. Apart from the services mentioned, we can also assist you with arranging your visas and travel insurance for travel in and around Asia.

Customizing our client’s travel may it be for leisure, romantic get-away, family holiday or business trip for people living in China is our main specialization.

We want to make sure that every penny you spend is worth it so rest assured that we will provide you with an excellent level service and we will do our best to even exceed your expectation. We will even give you a professional advice without an extra cost to ensure that you will have a remarkable travel experience. Our company and staffs are already tested and a proof of our professionalism and reliability are the happy loyal clients we have who repeatedly books with us.

Why choose Expats Holidays?

  • Our company is a legitimate licensed travel agency.
  • We have our own office in which you are welcome to visit anytime and rest assured that our efficient staffs will be assisting you.
  • A very good relationship has been established between our company and the best hotel chains, airline companies and tourism bureaus.
  • If an inevitable thing happens after your reservation is made, we will continue to assist you the best way we can may it be prior, within or even after your trip.
  • Your feedback is always important to us as it will also help us to continuously improve our service.
Our team is composed of people highly knowledgeable and experienced with the travel industry. They all speak English professionally and are devoted to providing a high level of service.

If you have your own ideas and preferences to planning a trip, we are able to help you to customize one. According to your schedule, spefific needs and budget. We can design a private trip for you, your family or friends.

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