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Moganshan (719m/2,360 ft. high) was first built as a vacation destination in 1890 for Western missionaries and their families to escape the Shanghai summer furnace. By its peak in 1930, some 160 Western-style stone retreats dotted the cool bamboo glades, including 32 occupied by wealthy Chinese, and even Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek bought his new bride Soong Mei-ling to Moganshan for their honeymoon in 1927. The Nationalists, never far behind, established their own resort called Wuling on the northeast side of the mountain.

Getaway to The Hamptons of Shanghai - Moganshan

From USD 0 Getaway to The Hamptons of Shanghai - Moganshan

Moganshan Lodge, Prodigy Outdoor base, Le Passage Moganshan, Da Dou Wu Reservoir, House 23, Moganshan Villas, Mogan Mountain, Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park.

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