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2024 Asia Travel Calendar for you!


Asia is back! After shaking off pandemic travel restrictions and border closures, it is time to travel. New experiences, events and places to stay await your exploration of this vast continent. Enjoy the pink petal-filled cheer in Japan and South Korea. Pink and white sakura petals drift between ancient castles, creating a romantic backdrop. Rising like a phoenix from the economic crisis, Sri Lanka is responding with a new food festival, wellness-focused retreats and a trail that winds through 186 miles of hills and centuries of history. Grab your sunscreen, pack a towel and a good book and head to these unknown beaches and islands scattered across Aisa. According to our travel consultants and client feedback, we have organized a travel calendar for you to better arrange your trip in Asia. For smoother travel, we would recommend starting to customize the itinerary one to two months before your departure date.


Chinese New Year  (10 February 2024 – 17 February 2024)

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China, when everyone usually gets a week’s holiday. It is traditionally a time to gather with family and pay respect to the heavenly deities and ancestors. Our top 3 most popular destinations in Asia are Siem Reap (Cambodia), Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Phuket (Thailand).


Phuket, Thailand


The winter season makes the weather in Siem Reap, Cambodia dry and cool with cooler temperatures ranging from 20-30°C. It is also the time for various festivals and celebrations, including the Giant Puppet Parade in February. Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. In this park you can discover the magnificent remains of the various capitals of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th centuries. A boat trip to Tonlé Sap is another highlight. It is Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake and river system, where you can find local people living in stilted villages around the lake.


Siem Reap, Cambodia


If you are looking for a family-friendly destination, Chiang Mai, Thailand is the place to be. In this blissfully quiet and relaxed country town, you can have fun with elephants in pristine rainforests, hike to Doi Inthanon National Park, raft down 10 kilometres of white water, or even take a Thai cooking course! You can also step back in time in historic Chiang Mai Old Town, while the kilometre-long Nimmanhaemin Road has become Chiang Mai’s most vibrant strip of cafes, restaurants and shopping.


Chiang Mai, Thailand


Of course, you could also consider a beach destination to escape the cold weather in China. Both Phuket in Thailand and Cebu in the Philippines are the places to go. February in Phuket is warm and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 33°C (73ºF to 91ºF). The sea temperature complements this pleasant climate, creating ideal conditions for swimming and water activities. February is also one of the coolest months of the year in Cebu. This place is well known for its diving at Sardine Run. Imagine swimming in waters filled with millions of sardines. If you are lucky, you can swim with the turtles.


Cebu, The Philippines


Labor’s Days  (1 May 2024 – 5 May 2024)

Spring is the best time to visit most destinations in Asia. This is the time to relax from the heavy workload of the year. The top destinations can be Seoul (South Korea), Hanoi (Vietnam), Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), El Nido (Philippines), Punakha (Bhutan) and Tokyo (Japan). These are places where natural beauty, sleepless cities, delectable cuisine and wondrous wildlife collide for you to experience.


El Nido, The Philippines


May is the best time to visit Tokyo before the scorching summer. In Tokyo, the Asakusa district is famous for its ancient temples and traditional shops. However, Tokyo is surrounded by many stunning destinations that can easily be visited on a day trip. One of the most popular destinations is Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in the country, where you can hike and enjoy the natural beauty. You can also learn some interesting historical stories at the Chiba Great Castle, soak in the hot springs in Atami or enjoy the beautiful night harbour view with your loved one.




For the family with kids, Kota Kinabalu and Hanoi must be on your list. From paragliding to rock climbing, canopy walks to mountain biking, there’s no shortage of outdoor sports to indulge in when visiting Kinbalu Park. You can also dive head first into its world-famous waters and try your hand at snorkelling, deep-sea fishing or scuba diving. Hanoi has a different vibe to Kota Kinabalu. Kids will love the water puppet performers, who are submerged in a puddle to live music. Hiring a bike and cycling around the West Lake for a more contemporary version of the city is also a great way to bond.


Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


If you want to be somewhere completely different from the above. Travelling in Bhutan will take you through some of the world’s most biologically diverse national parks, rich forests and high mountain passes. Punakha has the country’s most picturesque dzong, built on the confluence of two rivers. Magnificent from the outside and delightful inside, with elaborate murals and friendly local monks.


Summer Vacation (July 2024 – August 2024)

July and August usually bring the rain and monsoon season to many parts of Asia. However, many of the Indonesian islands will have blue skies and fewer rainy days, making it the perfect country for a summer holiday destination. Bali and Komodo are our two bestsellers! August is a great time to enjoy Bali because of all the wonderful festivals that take place. Buleleng Festival, Bali International Kite Festival, Ubud Village Jazz Festival and Sanur Village Festival are just a few of the events on offer. From visiting the Komodo National Park and getting close to the mighty Komodo dragons with a park guide, to exploring some of the other islands in the area such as the beautiful Pulau Padar, Rinca Island and Pink Beach.


Bali, Indonesia

Sri Lanka is a year round holiday destination due to its combination of weather systems. However, if you are travelling during the summer months, it is better to head to the east coast and northern regions for dry, sunny weather. Here you can hike the Knuckles mountain range, travel by train through tea plantations and into the mountains, and climb Lion Rock, a dramatic fortress carved into the rock at Sigiriya.

Sri Lanka


National Golden Week (1 October 2024 – 7 October 2024)

As you may know, Chinese people may travel overseas during Golden Week. It is therefore important to book your flights, hotel and tours well in advance. October coincides with the end of the Indian Ocean monsoon season, which can mean a mixed bag of weather in the Maldives. The trade-off is much lower prices, with resorts dropping their rates to attract low season customers. You can enjoy cooler temperatures and grey skies that are more conducive to relaxed reading, and of course the changing colour palette creates a different mood for the sublime seascapes. Diving and snorkelling activities continue as usual.




For nature lovers, Japan is particularly attractive in autumn, when leaf peeping becomes a national pastime. By October, the season’s colours are at their peak in Osaka and Kyoto. Imagine gilded temples framed by displays of scarlet maple and bright gingko, and entire mountainsides covered in golden oak, birch, katsura and bamboo. The weather tends to be cool and dry at this time of year – perfect for leisurely morning walks in the exquisite formal gardens, parks and forests, and for luxuriating in onsen baths in the evenings.


Kyoto, Japan


The weather varies greatly between the different regions of Vietnam, and October is no exception. In the south, the idyllic coastline around Phu Quoc really comes into its own in October as the monsoon retreats and blue skies and warm, dry conditions return. The island boasts white powdery beaches, turquoise waters, palm forests, mountains and waterfalls.


Phu Quoc, Vietnam


Christmas (25 December 2024)

If you are not planning to fly home for Christmas, there are many beautiful countries in Asia waiting to be explored, such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and so on. A place of unique landscapes, colourful cultures and delicious cuisine, Laos is an unspoilt gem of Southeast Asia. With meandering rivers, remote villages and tranquil towns, Laos is famous for its slow pace, inviting you to slow down, relax and take in your surroundings.




Bagan, Myanmar is home to one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites, with thousands of incredible Buddhist temples, pagodas, palaces and monasteries. In Yangon, Myanmar, enjoy bustling open-air markets, colonial architecture and the golden complex of Shwedagon Pagoda. Cruise the tranquil Irrawaddy River, kayak past floating markets or trek through tranquil forests and stay overnight with a local family in a rural village.


Bagan, Myanmar


Christmas is a big celebration in Singapore, with a wide range of entertainment, world-class shopping and fine dining. Every December, the Lion City is transformed into a magical wonderland of sparkling lights and festive decorations. There’s even artificial snow and skating rinks! Many Catholic churches hold a traditional midnight mass on Christmas Eve, while Anglican churches often hold evening services to commemorate the birth of Jesus.




We look forward to supporting and accompanying you on your journeys in 2024. If you need any suggestions for your upcoming trip, please do not hesitate to contact our travel consultants. Explore the colours of life with Expats Holidays team!