Expats Holidays is a top proficient travel agency in China which caters not only to the expats living in China, but also for the people coming from other countries to China for leisure or business travel.

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We are a team of young and diverse travel experts dedicated to providing travel consultantions and customer service . our mission is committing to deliver the ultimate travel planning experience for expats living in China

24×7 Support

A passionate team to get through whatever the issue you encounter from start to end.

Efficient Team

You will have your own travel consultant and customer service.

Unforgettable Memories

We guarantee you the best prices for some amazing trips.

Secure Services

Your personal information safety is our first priority.

Time Saving

We know the right places to visit depending on your preferences.

Best Price

Personalized itineraries and activities according to your needs and preferences.



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Customer Service

I love taking care of the details and making sure that everything is in order. In this way, I can make sure that my clients can have a quality travel experience. Although I am not with them physically during their vacation, I am with them every time an unexpected problem occurs to provide assistance and solutions. To me, my clients are more than just clients.<


Customer Service

Being the center connection between the client and travel partner is always a delight for me as I can learn much about different cultures by just chatting with them. Since my day-to-day job makes me more motivated to find out what it is really like out there, I am pretty sure I can point my clients in the right direction by saving both their money and time.


Travel Consultant

To me, “life is a journey”. I am a mother, so I deeply understand how hard and inconvenient it is to travel with children. Helping every family to have a smooth and wonderful travel experience is my aim. Traveling with our children is an important part of their lives and as parents, we cannot miss it.


Travel Consultant

Although life is unpredictable just like the road we travel, it’s also full of surprises and wonderful memories too much to handle. And therefore I always want my clients to know that no matter how tough your travel experience gets, keep going until I change your journey back to a smooth, seamless and hassle-free one.


Customer Service

As an active mother, I believe my child is the greatest gift I have received in my life! Just as I can’t wait to take him across the world, I want to make sure that I do the same with my clients. As a result of which I always figure out the best way to suit all family needs.


Travel Consultant

love world maps and I dream that someday can travel the world solo. Meeting new friends from different countries will broaden my knowledge and open my mind. I am always excited when I’m helping a client in creating their tailor make vacation that the memories they can keep in their hearts forever.

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