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2024 Royal Caribbean Cruises are now on sale


After COVID-19, Spectrum of the Seas finally returns to deliver unforgettable, immersive voyages to China, Japan and South Korea. Sailing from Shanghai and Hong Kong, this thrilling quantum-class favourite unlocks epic 4- to 7-night itineraries to iconic ports such as cosmopolitan Nagasaki, laid-back Fukuoka and scenic Okinawa.

Spectrum of the Seas is a Quantum Ultra-class cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean. The Spectrum of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s fifth-largest ship. The construction of the ship began in August 2017 and was completed in early 2019. Later that year, after the ship sailed from Germany to Spain and then to Asia, the ship was christened in China, as it was specifically designed to serve the Asia-Pacific destination.

Make bold new discoveries aboard Spectrum of the Seas. And maximise your days at sea with amped-up adventures like never before. Take in incredible views from the North Star all-glass viewing capsule 300 feet above sea level. Treat your taste buds to an epicurean feast. And watch dazzling Broadway-style entertainment. And always have a good time at Casino RoyaleSM. Scroll down to learn more about Royal Caribbean Cruises!


Date Itinerary Price (per person)
2024.5.13 5-Day Shanghai – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 6,299 RMB
2024.5.22 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 5,099 RMB
2024.5.26 6-Day Shanghai- Fukuoka – Nagasaki – Shanghai Start from 5,099 RMB
2024.6.05 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 5,099 RMB
2024.6.09 6-Day Shanghai- Fukuoka – Nagasaki – Shanghai Start from 5,699 RMB
2024.6.23 6-Day Shanghai – Nagasaki – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 5,499 RMB
2024.7.07 6-Day Shanghai – Fukuoka – Kumamoto – Shanghai Start from 6,499 RMB
2024.7.17 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 6,799 RMB
2024.7.28 6-Day Shanghai- Fukuoka – Nagasaki – Shanghai Start from 7,499 RMB
2024.8.02 5-Day Shanghai – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 6,799 RMB
2024.8.10 6-Day Shanghai – Busan – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 7,699 RMB
2024.8.15 6-Day Shanghai – Nagasaki – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 7,799 RMB
2024.8.24 6-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Ishigaki – Shanghai Start from 6,699 RMB
2024.9.11 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 5,299 RMB
2024.9.15 8-Day Shanghai – Kobe – Osaka – Yokohama – Shanghai Start from 10,099 RMB
2024.9.22 6-Day Shanghai- Fukuoka – Nagasaki – Shanghai Start from 5,899 RMB
2024.10.11 6-Day Shanghai – Kagoshima – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 5,299 RMB
2024.10.16 5-Day Shanghai – Jeju – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 5,199 RMB
2024.10.29 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 4,499 RMB
2024.11.13 5-Day Shanghai – Okinawa – Shanghai Start from 4,499 RMB
2024.11.27 5-Day Shanghai – Jeju – Fukuoka – Shanghai Start from 4,499 RMB



Choosing your favorite style of room is the most important thing to do before you get aboard the Spectrum of the Seas. The cruise offers you 4 room types to choose from. However, due to your preference, you can choose your room location. The cruise will separate into Forward, Mid-ship and Aft. The front of the ship is quieter and close to the spa and suite lounges. Mid-ship is right in the center of all attractions, but it might be a bit noisy. The back of the ship is home to plenty of dining options and a great sail-away view.


Balcony Staterooms

A brand-new and breathtaking part of the world greets you every morning when you open your balcony door. In the Balcony Stateroom, you’ll enjoy spectacular views each and every day from the comfort and privacy of your own room.

  • Size: Up to 298 SQ. FT.
  • Occupancy: Up to 4 guests



Ocean View Staterooms

Whenever you look out of your Ocean View stateroom window, you’ll see a beautiful new view every day! After a day on the cruise, retire to your comfortable and well-appointed stateroom.

  • Size: Up to 354 SQ. FT.
  • Occupancy: Up to 3 guests



Interior Staterooms

There is everything you need for a comfortable voyage in these well-appointed staterooms. The Promenade stateroom offers all the benefits of a standard room plus a bowed window overlooking the Promenade.

  • Size: Up to 340 SQ. FT.
  • Occupancy: Up to 3 guests



Suite Staterooms

The biggest type of room on the cruise is this one. Additionally, you will receive concierge service, priority boarding, and dedicated entertainment seating. No matter which suite you choose, experience Royal Caribbean’s legendary personalized service, and spacious accommodations.

  • Size: Up to 2766 SQ. FT.
  • Occupancy: Up to 4 guests



11 Things to do on the cruise


Discover panoramic ocean views on top of The North Star

Ride the North Star, an observation capsule that lifts you 300 feet above sea level. Not only is North Star one of the Quantum Class’ premier on-board activities, it also holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest observation deck on a cruise ship. A smooth ride on this engineering marvel offers 360-degree views of the sea and surrounding attractions. Try going up at different times of the day, especially when the sunset is magical.



Watch dazzling shows at TWO70

During the day, this space offers sweeping ocean views and plenty of room to kick back and relax. As the sun sets, it transforms into a multimedia theatre and lounge where guests can watch dazzling performances by acrobats, aerialists and dancing robot screens. All set to flashing strobe lights and the pulsating beat of music.



Have fun of indoor activities

SeaPlex is the largest indoor activity space on the cruise. This sprawling adventure zone aboard Spectrum of the Seas is home to all kinds of great experiences, including a bumper car arena where it’s always rush hour. Climb into your car, buckle up and put your foot to the floor for a bouncy, banging, bumping good time. This free on-board activity is open to riders of all ages who meet the 42-inch height requirement.



Ready for the Laser Tag

Royal Caribbean was the first cruise line to introduce glow-in-the-dark laser tag, and you can experience it aboard Spectrum of the Seas. Dress up with your friends and family and get ready for an epic intergalactic showdown.



Lie under the sun on the pool deck

The pool deck is the place to be on any Royal Caribbean cruise – especially onboard Spectrum of the Seas. This record-breaking ship has plenty of room to relax and enjoy the shade or the sun. For the little ones, there’s Splashaway BaySM Aqua Park, a splash zone with colourful water slides, interactive fountains, water cannons and whirlpools for toddlers to teens. And for the grown-ups, there’s Solarium, an adults-only retreat with tranquil pools, Jacuzzis, dazzling ocean views and a full-service bar.



Experience free-fallingon ripcord via Ifly

Experience the exhilarating thrill of freefall with RipCord by iFLY, the only skydiving simulator at sea. Suit up, step into a translucent capsule and get ready to defy gravity. A blast of air will lift you and float you off the ground, recreating the sensation of weightlessness. This adrenaline-pumping attraction is a favourite with guests and is also suitable for children. Bring the little ones along for some weightless fun.



Dig into the restaurant on the cruise

Royal Caribbean continues to exceed gourmets’ expectations with its onboard dining. Sichuan Red is one of the most popular restaurants among guests, featuring Asian-inspired dishes such as Chinese lettuce leaves wrapped around asparagus and pepper rings, tender steamed lobster tossed with garlic rice noodles, hearty duck soup flavoured with pickled radish and sea cucumber served with broccoli and tangy scallions.



Waves fun on the Flowerider

Whether you’re a seasoned tide tamer or new to shredding, grab a board and ride the swells funneled by this engineering marvel. You can test your balance and try to ride upright on the rushing water or boogie on your stomach. There’s plenty of stadium seating on either side of the surf simulator so friends and family can cheer you on.


Grab a drink at Bionic Bar

Two robotic bartenders serve your cocktails. Each is designed and programmed to mix, blend and stir all sorts of delicious libations. You can order a classic cocktail or a signature creation from the Bionic Bar menu, or enter your own special recipe into one of the bar’s iPads.



Enjoy live music 

After dark, sing along to piano ballads at the iconic Schooner Bar and karaoke at Star Moment. The Music Hall is a multi-storey concert venue that hosts some of the best cover bands playing everything from classic rock to disco and swing. There’s plenty of room to kick back and rest your feet when you’re not showing off your moves on the dance floor. There is also a bar serving beer, wine and delicious cocktails when you need to rehydrate.



Kids Club of Adventure Ocean

Adventure Ocean, Royal Caribbean’s award-winning supervised youth program designed for young travellers ages 3 to 11. Kids are divided into three unique groups based on age and then given plenty to do that’s both fun and educational – think themed parties, science experiments, scavenger hunts and more. For the littlest ones, there’s Royal Babies and Royal Tots playgroups and babysitting services are available whenever you need them.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What travel documents are required to board?

A1: Below are three travel documents you will need to get aboard the cruise.

  • Passport: ensure that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months.
  • Photocopies of passport: secure a photocopy of your passport as the original one won’t be with you. Aside from your sea pass, you will need the photocopy every time you leave the ship (shore excursions).
  • Visa (only if applicable).
  • SetSail Pass: getting on a ship requires a boarding pass/ticket — the SetSail Pass. To save time you can download the Royal Caribbean mobile app and use the app’s mobile SetSail Pass to board the ship.


Q2: How to book events or activities during my stay on the cruise?

A2: The app will show you everything that happens on the ship daily. You can just add the activities that you want to do for that day to your calendar. You can also make reservations for onboard activities, shore excursions, shows, and specialty dining/restaurants. By accessing your Onboard Expense Account through this app, you can keep track of your expenses while on board.


Q3: How much luggage can I bring onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

A3: Each guest is permitted to carry a reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage) aboard the vessel; however, for your comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take.


Q4: Is dining are free offered on board?

A4: There will be ample opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks without additional cost. Reservations are only required for some restaurants to charge per person to dine such as Chops Grille and Johnny Rockets. Prices are subject to change.


Q5: Is there any room service?

A5: Room service on Royal Caribbean is available 24 hours per day, but there is around a $7.95 fee per order, per room. The continental breakfast option is complimentary and does not have an order fee. Continental breakfast includes items such as toast, yogurt, fruit, coffee, and oatmeal.


Q6: What activities and shows can I attend?

A6: A vast majority of cruise activities are included with your cruise fare. Royal Caribbean app will list a schedule of activities offered onboard, and most have no charge. Other activities like pool games, movies, trivia, dance classes, and scavenger hunts are regularly offered on Royal Caribbean and have no additional charge. There are some activities offered that have an additional fee, such as some fitness classes, bingo, casino activities, drink seminars, spa services and more.


Q7: What facilities are in the pool and sun decks?

A7: Access to Royal Caribbean’s pools are included in your cruise fare, including the lounge chairs, hot tubs, water slides, aqua parks and more. The Solarium area has no additional cost, but is limited to adults only. Some areas of the pool deck are reserved for suite guests only.


If you want to aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises, please feel free to contact our travel consultants to help you plan a wonderful trip!