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5 Top nature wonder to visit in Yunnan, China


Yunnan is situated in southern China, bordering Guizhou and Guangxi to the east, Sichuan to the north, Myanmar to the west, and Laos and Vietnam to the south. Tourists visit Yunnan for its pleasant climate, diverse cultures, and spectacular landscapes. In this article, we will introduce some lesser-known yet charming places to visit in Yunnan during the summer.



Whether referred to as a small garden or paradise, few people can resist the allure of Puzhehei. The scenic area features a typical karst landscape, characterized by clusters of limestone peaks, karst caves, and natural lakes. The clear water and green mountains resemble those of Guilin. At the heart of the area lies Puzhehei Lake, also known as ‘Pearl Lake’ by locals. Visitors can take a boat ride among the green leaves and red flowers, enjoying the fragrance of lotus while peacefully boating or splashing in the water. Nearby, there are five ethnic minorities: Yi, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, and Sani, who retain their ancient folk culture. In the evening, the lakeside villages come alive with villagers selling local produce, including fresh and sweet lotus plants, which are a local delicacy. This area is a perfect combination of natural beauty and paradise on earth.



Jingmai Mountain

Pu’er Jingmai Mountain was one of the first areas in China to plant tea trees. The tea plantations in the mountains have been renowned for producing high-quality Pu’er tea since ancient times.Villages of the Hani, Dai, Bulang, and Wa ethnic groups are clustered along the winding stone road.Among them, Nuogan Village and Wengji Village are nestled in the deeper forests. Due to its remote location, this beautiful and unspoiled village retains the most authentic Dai and Bulong ethnic lifestyles and quaint residential buildings. The daily life of the village residents involves picking and making tea, which keeps them busy and content. They enjoy welcoming guests to their homes for tea. Jingmai Mountain boasts stunning views of the morning sea of clouds and the colourful evening clouds. Living in a village surrounded by the aroma of tea, conversing with locals, and admiring the beautiful scenery, followed by a visit to the ancient tea forest, make for a delightful experience.



Blue Moon Valley

Despite the bustling crowds of tourists in the ancient city of Lijiang, Yulong Snow Mountain always exudes a calming charm. According to Naxi mythology, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain embodies the three gods who safeguard the peace and prosperity of Lijiang. As the snow melts in the mountains, it flows into the valley at the foot of the mountain, forming small rivers and lakes. On clear days, the sunlight on the plateau reflects the blue sky on the clear water, giving the lake a deep blue hue. This is how the lake got its name, ‘Blue Moon Valley’. Walking on the wooden path by the lake feels like stepping into a vivid landscape painting. The majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain serves as the backdrop, while you become the focal point of the scene.


Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is one of the seven largest freshwater lakes in China, named after its ear-like shape.   From a distance, the snow-capped Cangshan Mountains and the sparkling Erhai Lake complement each other, creating a unique beauty that characterizes Dali. For those with sufficient physical strength, cycling the 42 km around Erhai Lake is the best way to appreciate its beauty from all angles. The route offers a diverse range of scenery, from idyllic farmland on the west bank to the twists and turns of the wetlands at the north end, and the ethereal cliffs on the east bank. Each village passed along the way also has its own unique charm. The country trail from Xizhou Town to Haitong Park is ideal for a leisurely ride with friends or couples.



Pudacuo National Park

Songzanlin Lamasery is widely known as ‘the Little Potala Palace’ and is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple complex in Yunnan Province. It was meticulously built by Tibetan ancestors. Pudacuo is a natural beauty spot in Shangri-La, blessed with the strange beauty of an emerald due to its location in a green forest and the favour of the sun and moon. Pudacuo is a natural beauty spot in Shangri-La, blessed with the strange beauty of an emerald due to its location in a green forest and the favour of the sun and moon. Shudu Lake is a picturesque location, with forests, creeks, and pastures along the way. Cows and horses play joyfully on the green meadows, while the bright reflection of the lake and clusters of azaleas inflame the whole area. The tall spruces and firs reached towards the sky, while the matsutake mushrooms were ready to emerge from the earth. The scenery was as beautiful as a dream.



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