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China Travel Advice and Safety

Domestic travel in China

China has allowed travelers to travel between provinces or regions with low-risk status. As your health and safety are our first priority at all times, please feel free to contact our travel consultant if you are facing any unanticipated challenges during your trip. They will do their best to support you as fast as they can.


Middle-risk and high-risk areas list

The information for risk areas may change frequently. Please avoid traveling to the destinations which are now middle-risk and high-risk areas. If you would like to check the accurate address, please click Baidu medium-high-risk map.


Special procedures for traveling during COVID-19

Health Code is important when you travel in China. Please check the below details to learn more about the health code.

  • Green Code: If you departure from a low-risk place and have a green code for your arrival place, and you have not passed through a medium-high-risk area within 14 days, then you are allowed to fly back to your city of residence
  • Yellow Code: If you have been to middle-risk and high-risk areas the code will turn yellow, and please do the COVID-19 test immediately to make sure you haven’t got infected. You might be requested a 14-day quarantine on arrival, therefore yellow code means you are suspected or in quarantine.
  • Red Code: Red means that you are a confirmed COVID-19 patient and have to be quarantined.

You can check your health code through Alipay.

Step 1. Download or open the Alipay app.

Step 2. Type “健康码” and click the “健康码”.

Step 3. Click “立即查看“



Information regarding COVID-19 testing in China

Normally if you have a green code for both departure and arrival cities that are from the low-risk area you do not need to take the COVID-19 test. But epidemics are unpredictable, it is recommended to take a COVID-19 test before traveling to prevent that your departure or arrival city change into a risk area. Those who have passed through a medium-risk area within 14 days need to bring a COVID-19 test report.


Apply the province health codes

Each of the provinces has its own health code, some provinces allow the traveler to apply after their arrival, other provinces require an application before the traveler’s departure. Since the policy is changing frequently, please kindly check with the hotel, the travel agency and the transportation company before you go. Below, we have collected the QR codes for you.



China’s useful websites

The case of COVID-19 may change frequently. The following websites are for you to check the latest news if need.


We hope the information above is useful for you. If you need any support, we are always here for you. Stay safe and healthy! Any questions please contact info@expatsholidays.com.