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Travel through some fascinating locations that help you discover the true spirit and friendliness of the Bhutanese people in this in-depth classical holiday tour to Bhutan. Within just 11 days, you will sightsee and explore each city that offers unique landmarks, sacred monasteries and natural attractions at a leisurely pace with a professional guide paving the way.


About This Trip

Price: From 3,795 USD  / per person
Best time to visit: Autumn and Winter
Experience: Hiking, Culture, Temple


Tour Highlights
  • Visit famous Tiger Nest
  • Learn more history about Bhutan
  • Experience Bhutan’s happiness
  • Explore White Bird fortress



Private car: All transfers mention in the itinerary.
Entrance fees: All admission fees and activity expenses as noted in the itinerary.
English Speaking guide: Professional guide will accompany you along your trip.
Hotel with breakfast: All accommodations are based on double-occupancy and including breakfast.



Gratuities: Tips for guides and drivers are not included.
Personal expenses: Meals, travel insurance or activities not mention in the itinerary.
Airplane Transport: International or domestic flights and excess baggage charge.


The private tour could be fully customizable based on your preference. Please feel free to chat with our travel constants, they are here to support you!


Day 1: Welcome to Bhutan

  • Pick up from the airport.
  • Stop for a while to stretch your legs.
  • Experience a beautiful view across an early 15th century iron Chain Bridge, which was built by one of the great saint from Tetbit called Thangtong Gyelpo.
  • Transfer to the Hotel straight away.
  • Drive toward the giant Buddha statue on a commanding hilltop with a panoramic view of Thimphu City, a gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha statue in the mountains of Bhutan celebrating the 60th anniversary of fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck.
  • Explore the statue houses, which have over one hundred thousand smaller Buddha statues.

Day 2: Thimphu

  • Visit Chari Monastery, a very pleased hike with early morning chirrups of birds, swaying resonance of pine branches and dewy-draught of aromatic air.
  • Discover the shrines as well as observe the monks in their academic session while at the monastery.
  • Drive to the national Takin Zoo.
  • Explore over forty Takins inside the zoo, Takin is the national animal of Bhutan that has the combination of cow and sheep.
  • Drop by the Nunnery, where both young and elderly women are immensely devoted to seeking their spiritual path. This is the only nunnery in Thimphu and one of the most renowned one in Bhutan.
  • Stop at the National Memorial Stupa, which was built in 1974 in memory of the third King, who is known as the Father of Modern Bhutan.

Day 3: Thimphu - Punakha

  • Visit the folk heritage museum in the morning that will give the clear picture of a village life.
  • Head to the Traditional papermaking factory and observe how famous Bhutanese handmade paper is made from the bark of a plant called Daphne.
  • Drive to Punakha via Dochula pass that spans over 2300 to 2800 meters.
  • Visit the Victory Temple and the 108 Victory Stupas at the pass, which were built in memory of our great and miraculous victory of the mighty Indian Insurgents who intruded our country and infested our southern Jungles.

Day 4: Punakha

  • Drive to the base of Khamsum Yuley Namgyel.
  • Hike through the lush chair pine, which will take about 40 minutes up, and 20 Minutes down.
  • Get a good view of the Punakha Valley when you reach the pinnacle of the hill.
  • Visit the fortress of Punakha, one of the most beautiful fortresses in the entire country with its rich architectures and intriguing history.
  • Hike from the road point through the golden paddy field to the temple of the divine madman.
  • Find the symbolic phallus of the divine madman inside the temple, considered to be sacred for the couples who can’t have children. Its believed that they can give birth with the blessing of this holy phallus.

Day 5: Punakha - Bumthang

  • Head toward Bumthang after early breakfast.
  • Cross the Pele la pass (3300m) one of the highest passes in the country before entering Trongsa.
  • Visit Chendibji Stupa on the way, this stupa is a replica of the great stupa in Katmandu, Nepal.
  • Continue your journey to Bumthang
  • Reach the Viewpoint of Trongsa after one and half hour.
  • Stop for a while to get beautiful pictures of Trongsa Dzong.
  • Visit Trongsa Ta Dzong if time permits, once served as a watch Tower to protect the Valley from the outside invaders in ancient time but now serves as a National Historical Museum.
  • Head to Bumthang from Trongsa (about 2 and half hours).

Day 6: Bumthang

  • Visit the Fortress of the White Bird, founded by the Lam Ngagi Wangchuk, which now serves as the administrative and monastic centres of the Bumthang Valley.
  • Visit the Jambay Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in the country. Its believed that the great Tibetan King Songtsen Goenpo built it in the 7th Century in one night along with 107 including the Kychu Temple in Paro.
  • Walk from this Temple to the Kurje Temple.
  • Head to Tamshing Monastery, found by the great Treasure Discoverer Pema Lingpa, who is also the great-grand ancestor of our Kings.
  • Visit Kencho Sum Lhakhang, which is just next to Tamshing Monastery. An important historical place for the Bhutanese and also a place of worship for the villagers in its vicinity.

Day 7: Paro

  • Start your hike of the bushman trail from Charkha valley and that will end at Tang Valley. (Two to three hours’ hike).
  • Get in the car at the endpoint to visit the Burning Lake (5 to 10 minutes’ drive).
  • Enjoy the Burning Lake, which is not actually a lake but a flowing river that looks dark and formidable.

Day 8: Bunthang - Paro (By flight)

  • Drive to the domestic airport and take the flight to Paro.
  • Visit the Dungtse Temple, founded by the great saint Thangtong Gyelpo. The unique feature of this temple is its cylindrical top and square base.
  • Head to the Ta-Dzong or the national museum, which has very rich collections of sacred artifacts that can provide you the vivid image of Bhutan in the past and present.
  • Walk to the Rinpung Dzong and observe its architectures.
  • Pass by the cantilever bridge gradually.
  • Visit the Kychu Temple and the ruins of the Victory Dzong. The ruins of the victory fortress give us the three-dimensional attributes of the fortress in the past especially when it was used as a defense mechanism.
  • Get an insight into the functions and purposes of the fortresses in distant Bhutan.

Day 9: Paro

  • Drive to the pass from the valley floor in Paro (one and a half hour drive).
  • Observe Chele La Pass at over 13,000 ft. to the west above the Paro Valley, the highest road pass in the country and has amazing views of the Himilaya and most significantly the magnificent Jhomolari, Bhutan's most sacred peak at over 22,000 feet.
  • Have great fun hiking to Chelela.

Day 10: Paro

  • Hike the Taksang Monastery, commonly referred as “Tiger’s Nest”, perched on the side of a cliff, a height of 900m above the Paro valley.
  • Enjoy lunch, which will be served at a Local restaurant from the cafeteria about three hours walks from the road.
  • Visit the courtyard of Kichu Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan that was believed to have built by the great Tibetan King Songtsen Goenpo in the 8th Century.

Day 11: Paro

  • Check out from the hotel after breakfast.
  • Transfer to the Paro airport.

Tour Location

Terma Linca Resort & Spa (Thimphu)

Terma Linca is like the refreshing dose of comfort while you are travelling or looking for a place to relax. It offers the place of zen and peace to transport you to stress-free and tranquil heaven-like experience.
  • Fitness center and hot stone bath
  • Experience in Bhutan’s national sport, Archery
  • 24-hour front desk
Traffic Instructions
  • Paro Airport 13.5 miles

RKPO, Green Resort (Punakha)

RKPO Green Resort sits in the heart of the verdant and lush Punakha Valley. Flanked by thick pine forests, it overlooks the Punakha valley and hundreds of paddy fields that stair-step down to the valley floor. It is surrounded by plentiful walking and trekking trails.
  • Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.
  • 24-hour front desk
Traffic Instructions
  • Paro Airport  30.8 miles

Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa

Naksel, a community-based project that is eco friendly and Energy Saver efficient, blends the heritage of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities. Main construction materials for Naksel are indigenous and locally purchased. Traditional windows, mud-bricks, framework and even furniture were locally crafted here in Ngoba Village, connecting Naksel to the surrounding forest.
  • Spa and wellness center, a sauna and garden
  • Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout
Traffic Instructions
  • Paro Airport  3.5 miles

Terms & Conditions

  • Should you cancel at outside 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, the cost of tour package is refundable.
  • Should you cancel between 3 and 6 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.
  • Should you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.
  • Should you cancel after the trip has started, we are unable to refund any amount for cancelled services due to late arrival, early departure, missed days during the tours and non-participation.

Please Note

  1. Should you wish to book this tour, please send your holiday request to us in the website or contact info@expatsholidays.com for reservations. We also customize itineraries according to your schedule and liking.
  2. The above tour package includes the listed itinerary and excludes flight tickets, train tickets and hotel booking.
  3. We can also book your flights and hotel accommodation.
  4. We can definitely help you find great deals for International and Local Flights and Hotels within and outside China.
  5. Please note that the cancellation and booking policy of flight tickets and hotel bookings are to be sent to you separately.
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  7. For other travel requirements such as Ski Package, Diving, Weddings - please contact our Hotline:(+86)187-2197-8867.
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