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Wonder in the art city – Penang, Malaysia


The Pearl of the Orient is Penang. Often considered one of the best destinations to travel to in Southeast Asia, Penang needs no introduction. It’s a peaceful place with none of the hectic rush that comes with Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Hanoi. This lovely island in Malaysia has it all, from delectable street cuisine and a charming historical setting to Instagrammable cafes! Here is a list of the top things to do in Penang that will entice you to return again and again if you’re planning a trip there.


Enjoy Street Art in George Town

Penang’s George Town is well-known for its street art, which is plastered on buildings and walls across the city. Dozens of works can be discovered across the city! The art reflects scenes from Penang’s daily life and history, and it’s exciting to try to find it as you walk around. They make for fantastic shots, especially the bicycle above, where you may sit and take your own picture while exploring Penang.


Explore Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion

This lovely palace previously belonged to a 19th century Chinese industrialist who was so well-known that The New York Times dubbed him “The Rockefeller of the East.” The Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion was designated a UNESCO World landmark Site in the 1990s following a massive makeover, and the stunning interior of this landmark hotel has used as the setting for numerous films, notably the mahjong scene in the hit Crazy Rich Asians.


Ascend Penang Hill

You can either hike to the top of Penang Hill or take a funicular to the top of Penang Hill. The longest and steepest funicular track in Asia will take you to the summit of this former colonial hill station, where you’ll be able to take in some spectacular views of the island. There is a skywalk, mosque, Hindu temple, an owl museum, many animals, a playground, canopy walk, zip line and a variety of nature trails.


Visit Monkey Beach

The beach, named for the crab-eating macaques that reside there, is one of the most beautiful on Penang Island, with a lengthy stretch of white sandy beach that is ideal for swimming. Monkey Beach is a secluded beach buried inside Penang National Park. You will need to either take a boat from the entrance to the national park or take a 1.5-2 hour hike through the jungle to reach the beach.


Attend a Street Food Tour

One of the best things about Penang is that it is located at a cultural crossroads, with at least three major ethnic groups (Malay, Chinese, and Indian) influencing their cuisine. Because there are so many alternatives, many visitors to Penang opt for a guided cuisine tour led by a street food specialist. Attending the tour allows you to try only the greatest food stations while also avoiding any unpleasant stomach surprises later on.


Discover the Tropical Spice Garden

The Tropical Spice Garden, a renowned eco-friendly Penang attraction, is a garden with 500+ varieties of herbs and spices. There are guided tours available, or you can take an audio tour at your own pace. Book one of their special night excursions to view the garden in a different light.


Marvel at the Floating Mosque

The Tanjung Bungah Mosque is remarkable in that it is hung above the sea, earning it the moniker “the Floating Mosque.” The structure, which is just approximately a decade old, is magnificent and well worth a spot on your list of things to do in Penang because of its unique backdrop of views of the city and the water.


Get the best view at Top of Komtar

The Top at the Komtar is an entertainment centre at the top of a skyscraper with spectacular views and a variety of fun activities. You can go out onto the glass “Rainbow Walkway” or sit and have a drink on the fantastic rooftop. It is an excellent location for watching the sunset in Penang. You can even go around the outside of the tower on a ropes course if you’re courageous enough!


Visit the Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si, one of the greatest Chinese Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, is unquestionably one of the top Penang attractions. To get to Kek Lok Si, take a short walk up followed by a quick lift ride. You may hike all the way to the summit of the mountain for some truly breathtaking views.


Explore Penang’s Little India

The unique blend of cultures on this picturesque island is one of the most wonderful aspects of visiting Penang. Little India is the greatest site in Penang to experience that multiculturalism. Wander the streets and soak in the sights, smells, and noises. Browse local sellers, sample some street food, and get lost in the bustling atmosphere of Little India.


Climb the Balathandayuthapani Temple

This is a temple complex located in George Town. The main deity of this temple is Murugan. You’ll have to climb 513 stairs to be rewarded with some time to explore a fascinating Hindu temple honoring the deity Murugan. And also be treated to spectacular views of the Georgetown skyline in the distance.


Learn history in Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis, located next to the Esplanade Park, is Malaysia’s largest and oldest fort. It is one of the main reasons George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in the 18th century, this star-shaped fort has seen a lot and holds a lot of historical value for Penang and Malaysia!


Stroll at Batu Ferringhi Beach

The Batu Ferringhi Beach is possibly Penang’s most popular and certainly the most accessible Penang beach. The beachfront itself has excellent sand and beautiful, though not absolutely pure, water. You may participate in a variety of water-sports activities on the beach, including jetski rentals, banana boat excursions, and parasailing.



PARKROYAL Penang Resort

Parkroyal is a beach-front hotel, and you can access a stretch of public beach just beyond the hotel pool. The hotel’s décor is contemporary and tasteful. The lounge in the lobby is particularly welcoming, with elegant wooden-slatted screens lending a typically Malaysian feel. As soon as you step inside, you’re welcomed with a vista of the pool and beach beyond, fringed with the hotel’s frangipani and coconut trees. Facilities include a kids’ club, two swimming pools (including one with water slides), a spa and a gym.


Muntri Mews

Muntri Mews is located on the quieter side of the tourist district, at the edge of George Town’s Unesco World Heritage zone. It is one of the more polished mid-range hotels in town. The décor is refined but relaxed, with a nod to vintage style in the wicker furniture and bamboo blinds. The architecture makes good use of the original space – which once served as old horse and carriage stables – with a café on the main street, and guest rooms further back.


The Edison

Sitting on the edge of George Town’s World Heritage Zone, The Edison is removed from the busier tourist stretches of the city. But it’s still within 10-15 minutes’ walk to plenty of attractions. Grandeur is the hallmark of this hotel – which isn’t surprising, since the building began life as a local tycoon’s mansion in the early 1900s. The rooms are spacious and beautifully appointed with more Art Deco detailing.


Travel Tips

Q1: When is the best time to visit Penang?

A1: Penang is best visited between November and January. During these months, the weather in Penang is still pleasant enough for a holiday. Penang, like many other Malaysian cities, has tropical weather for the majority of the year. Throughout the year, the weather is often warm and humid. Rainfall is abundant in August, September, October, and November. The months of December to March have a pleasant climate.


Q2: Do I need a visa?

A2: Passport holders of several countries can travel to Malaysia visa-free. However, unless you are from one of the countries that can travel to Malaysia visa-free, you have to apply for a visa before you enter. Please kindly check more details though this link https://www.malaysia.gov.my/portal/content/28905


Q3: How long to spend in Penang?

A3: Three days is a great length of time to explore all of the best places in Penang, get a sense of the island, and not feel rushed. You could spend a full day exploring all of the George Town Penang attractions, another day exploring other parts of the island, and the final day seeing what you missed or returning to your favorites sites.


Are you concerned about the activities in Penang, or do you have any other requests? No concerns, we’ll handle everything! Our travel consultants are available to assist you in planning a memorable excursion to the Penang.