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11 Places to avoid the crowds during China’s Golden Week


As we all know, popular attractions during Golden Week request long queues and full of travelers. Therefore we would like to recommend to you some places that are not too far away from your city and also you can avoid the crowds. Keep reading!


5 Destinations Nearby Shanghai




Anji with its picturesque scenery is the bright green pearl on the Yangtze River Delta. Famous for a variety of scenic areas full of the waterfalls, mountains, and bamboo forests. 

  • Around 3-hour drive from Shanghai
  • Immerse in the Great Bamboo Sea
  • Hike the North Zhejiang Grand Canyon  
  • Meet the Hidden Dragon Waterfall  
  • Stargazing on the top of Jiangnan Tianchi
  • Kids-friendly places such as Zhongnan Baicao Garden and Hello Kitty Park
  • Accommodation: Banyan Tree Anji, Club Med Joyview




Moganshan is famous for its scenic sceneries, forests, towering bamboo and stone villa architecture. It was developed as a hilltop resort by 19th-century Europeans living in Shanghai. You will fall in love with the lush pine and bamboo path.

  • About 3-hour by car from Shanghai
  • Many nice hotels you can select
  • Interesting rock formations, ponds, and old architecture
  • Outdoor activities in Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park
  • Accommodation: Moganshan Howoolife Resort, Zhimagu Art Hotel  




Huangling, an underrated village in Wuyuan, offers a bucolic semi-rural Chinese life. It is known as the “most beautiful countryside in China” and was established during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), having a rich history dating back over 1,000 years.

  • Around 3-hour high-speed train from Shanghai
  • Stroll around ecological ancient village – Likeng Village
  • Enjoy sun-dried crops in Huangling Village
  • Hike the mountain located in Wolong village
  • Discover Lingyan Cave
  • Accommodation: Wuyuan Skywells



Qiandao Lake

Here you can find about 1,078 large islands dot the lake and a few thousand smaller ones are scattered across it. Enjoy exquisite natural scenery, boat activities, tasty fish head soup and relaxing bike riding.

  • About 3-hour by bullet train from Shanghai
  • Hopping on different islands via cruise
  • A path for biking around the Qiandao Lake
  • Hike to the top of Huangshanjian overlook the Qiandao Lake
  • Accommodation: Hilton Qingdao Lake Resort, Culb Med Qiandao Lake



Yellow Mountain 

It’s said that once you climb the Yellow Mountains, you don’t have to go to any other mountains in China. It is definitely worth visiting not only due to the Autumn leaf spectacular colors but also because it’s the best time for a superb view of the sea of clouds.

  • About 2.5-hour by bullet train from Shanghai
  • Climb Yellow Mountain
  • Visit Hongcun Ancient Village and Xidi Ancient Village
  • Stroll around Tunxi Ancient Street
  • Accommodation: Huangshan Hentique Resort Hotel



5 Destinations Nearby Beijing


Pingyao is known as one of the “Four Best Preserved Ancient Cities” in China and listed under UNESCO World Heritage. If you are a history buff as well as architecture lover, then you will be fascinated about this ancient city. 

  • Around 3h58m high-speed train from Beijing
  • Stay in a traditional courtyard houses
  • Explore Pingyao Ancient City Wall
  • Learn Chinese history in Rishengchang Draft Bank
  • Enjoy street food on The Ming-Qing Street
  • Discover Zhangbi Underground Castle and Wang Family Courtyard 
  • Accommodation: Pingyao Yunjincheng Folk Hotel, Jing’s Residence Pingyao




It is a famous northern city with a rich history and splendid Chinese culture. Feature for its grassy meadows in Mount Haituo this city is the perfect place to enjoy doing a picnic, hiking or camping. 

  • About 2.5-hour drive from Beijing
  • Visit Bashang Grasslands
  • Enjoy fun activities in Thaiwoo Resort
  • Hike the mountain
  • Accommodation: Holiday Inn Resort Zhangjiakou Chongli, Hyatt Place Chongli




Are you seeking a seaport city lying on the northeastern coast of Hebei province, China? Then Qinhuangdao is a place that owns abundant tourist resources.

  • Around 2h41m  high-speed train from Beijing
  • A section of the Great Wall ends up on the beach
  • Collect shells along the Pigeons’ Nest Park
  • Experience cross-sea cable car on the way to Ganluo Island
  • Enjoy your peace in Seashore Chapel




Datong used to be the capital of two dynasties, therefore this city full of fascinating and picturesque ancient sites awaits your exploration. Discovering Hengshan Hanging Temple will definitely be the highlight of your tour. 

  • Around 3h54m drive from Beijing
  • Visit Yungang Grottoes with thousands of small buddhas carved into the rock
  • Discover mountain side of Hengshan Hanging Temple
  • Walk along Datong Ancient City Wall
  • Accommodation: Datong Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard




Qingdao is the home of Tsingtao Beer as well as a beautiful coastal city. You can see the production process of Tsingtao Beer and enjoy a beer tasting in Qingdao Beer Museum. Hike to the top of Mount Lao to enjoy breathtaking views of mountains and open ocean.

  • Around 1.5-hour flight from Beijing
  • Climb Mount Lao 
  • Admire architecture beauty in Badaguan Scenic Resort
  • Stroll along the golden beach
  • Learn beer history at Qingdao Beer Museum
  • Accommodation: Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach



Destination Nearby Guangzhou


In Chongzuo, you can stroll around the greenest countryside and grandest views. Even in autumn, it is warm enough for you to enjoy a leisurely bike ride down country lanes or a day-long hike across the hills. If you love sweet fruits do remember to taste the famous sugarcane products from here.

  • About 1h45m flight from Guangzhou to Nanning and 1.5-hour drive from Nanning to Chongzuo.
  • Meet the rarest monkey species in White-Headed Langur Nature Reserve
  • Stroll around Taiping Ancient Town
  • Discover Longgong Fairyland and Huashan Rock Painting
  • Visit Detian Waterfall and Tongling Grand Canyon
  • Accommodation: LUX* CHONGZUO



If you need to plan the itinerary or have any concerns regarding the travel information in Golden Week, please feel free to talk to our travel consultants!

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