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4 Luxury China Hotels for Your Bucket List


Accommodation plays an important role when we plan our perfect trip. The place where you come back to after a long day of touring around, would be best to be a nice hotel which can definitely refresh you. So, here we decided to provide you some of the best luxury hotels in China full of local specialties.


Songtsam Lodge Shangri-la

Songtsam is a local brand nourished by Tibetan culture. You can find mostly of their hotels all hidden inside the natural, mysterious and untouched places in the Tibetan area. At present, Songtsam has two collections with eleven properties, including seven boutiques Lodges and four Linka hotels located in Tibet and Yunnan.


Songtsam Lodge Shangri-la is their very first lodge that opened its doors in 2001. If you prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Shangri-La, the lodge is located in Kena Village only a 2-minute walk from the Songzanlin Monastery. It is a stunning four-story stone building housed in a traditional Tibetan dwelling, facing Lamuyangtso Lake surrounded by mountains. The rooms inside of the property are decorated in a Tibetan style and balanced with modern comforts. We are sure that visiting Songtsam Lodge would make you remember it forever.




LUX* Chongzuo, Guangxi

Chongzuo is a travel city that popped out in 2021, therefore is a city less crowded and commercialized with a similar scenery of Guilin surrounding karst mountains, crystal rivers and rural fields. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the border of Vietnam and perched on the edge of Mingshi river.


The design of the resort comes from the inspiration of traditional stilted Ganlan house with the humble materials such as wood, stone, and copper exist alongside organic textures. Tropical foliage and greenery seep are all around the property which makes you blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. No matter you are traveling with your loved one or with your kids, this resort can satisfy your needs with an amazing series of activities. Slow down a bit and enjoy peace all day long in this riverside resort.




Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain Spa Resort

Six Senses in Chengdu is located right at the picturesque gateway of Mount Qingcheng and nearby the UNESCO World Heritage & Natural Cultural site – Dujiangyan. This place is famous for its award-winning spa administers Taoism’s healing powers while aligning your qi and thier action of improving the ecological and carbon footprint.


The resort feels like a modern take on a traditional Sichuan village, which fits well with the landscape. You can easily lose yourself along meandering paths bordered by gurgling streams and bamboo groves under the wooden beamed houses with sweeping Chinese roofs. Come and enjoy delicious afternoon tea in this pretty tea garden or gain some knowledge from the library’s amazing books.




DongFengYun Hotel Mi’Le – MGallery

MGallery Mile is located in a postmodern architectural complex constructed in red brick in Yunnan. Its smooth curves form a unique blending effect with the surrounding Oriental art town, beautiful lake shore, and rolling mountains.  “Art dialogues with everything, inspiration portrays life” is the philosophy carried by the hotel.


Bedrooms and suites are organized around a large courtyard, accessed by open-air corridors with striking arched windows. Inside, these rooms are dotted with locally sourced ceramics and other objects. Integrate yourself into this piece of art!




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