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6 Awesome Impression Shows in China

The performances of Impression Shows in China are very different among other countries being held in an opera house, using natural mountains or lakes backgrounds. Once you sit there you will be struck with admiration for the amazing spectacle of music, light, and dance. We recommend you to enjoy at least one Impression Show during your stay in China!


Impression Sanjie Liu
  • Destination: Yangshuo, Guilin
  • Duration: around 60 mins

This performance is using Li River and Karst Landform as backdrop to depict the life in tribal Guangxi areas using songs and dances. There are seven chapters in total to illustrate the Sanjie Liu local daily life and her love story. In the first three chapters you will see the local lifestyle such as women doing the laundry and men fishing near the river. Chapter four is the love story of Sanjie Liu and her lover who is from a poor local village. From chapter five to seven will show you how they prepare the ceremony and appreciate the beautiful gifts from the nature.


Impression West Lake

  • Destination: West Lake, Hangzhou
  • Duration: around 50 mins

Staged entirely upon the lake itself, Impression West Lake is a spectacle of light, music, dance and theatrics. The stories are based on multiple Hangzhou legends. In these nine chapters, you can enjoy the dance of picking tea leaves, a tragic love story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, and other classical Chinese music.



Encore Pingyao

  • Destination: Pingyao Ancient City
  • Duration: around 90 mins

This is the only Impression show held in a Chinese ancient city. During the 90 minutes long show, you will witness the life of the Pingyao people about 150 years ago and the trading activities in Qing dynasty.



Impression Lijiang
  • Destination: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunnan
  • Duration: around 1 hour

Impression Lijiang that uses the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as background reproduces the culture of Naxi, Yi, and Bai minorities in Lijiang in a six parts story. The first two parts present the close relationship between human beings and nature. The next two ones manifest the experiences of minority people climbing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and traveling to Lijiang Old Town. The last two parts show the longing of the people for their ancestors.



Impression Dahongpao

  • Destination: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian
  • Duration: around 70 mins

The stage is specially designed in order to rotate 360 degrees. Is surrounded by the emerald mountains and crystal clear stream. The Dahongpao tea themed performance is divided into nine chapters which introduce the Mount Wuyi, the history of tea, the skills of tea making, and the legendary story of Dawang and Yunv.



Impression Wulong
  • Destination: Wulong Karst Landscape, Chongqing
  • Duration: around 70 mins

The reputed show which themes is the “disappeared working song” includes the Story of Boat Tracker, Working Song on Sichuan River, and Crying Marriage illustrating the folk culture of Ba and Shu areas. By telling the disappeared laboring scene after the industrial civilization, it also voices the spirits left from Chinese ancestors.



Tips for Impression Shows

  1. The show may be suspended when the weather is bad such as heavy rain, snow or thunderstorm.
  2. For the outdoor shows it is recommended to prepare mosquito-repelling or stickers.
  3. The stage of Impression Lijiang is 3050 meters high above the sea level, so you could decide whether to go to see the show according to your physical condition.


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