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Best time and places to see China’s Cherry Blossom


Every year is different when it comes to the cherry blossom trees. As springtime begins, China waits patiently for the first flushes of pink. Normally, the blooms burst into colour between mid-February and early May due to different provinces. Kaleidoscopic cherry blossom erupts all over China, filling ornamental parks and hillside. If you plan to visit somewhere in China during cherry blossom season, let’s delve into some of destinations.


Zhangping Yongfu Cherry Blossom Garden

You might have seen this garden on the cover of “National Geographic Magazine” before. It is known as China’s most beautiful sacred cherry blossoms with 42 varieties of cherry trees. The path on the tea plantation becomes a tunnel of blooming pink and white flowers. There are also night illuminations during cherry blossom season. Cherry blossom season in Yongfu Garden is from late January to mid-march, which is also the beginning of the new fiscal year. If you consider visiting Xiamen this place is only 2-hour drive away from the down town.



Wuxi Turtle Head Isle

At first, the cherry trees were co-built by Wuxi city and a Japanese civic group in 1987, as a testimony of the friendship between the Wuxi people and Japanese people. Until now, Wuxi Turtle Head Isle has been holding every year the International Cherry Blossom Festival where you can enjoy several Japanese and Chinese folk activities. The cherry blossom will slightly start from early March and end in late April. If you live in Shanghai, Wuxi Turtle Head Isle is a nice place for a weekend getaway only 45 minutes bullet train away from Shanghai.




Beijing Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan is home to roughly 2,000 cherry trees so it’s no wonder that is one of the most popular spots in Beijing to view the cherry blossoms from mid-March to mid-April. Many of these cherry trees were gifts from Japan when the two countries re-opened diplomatic ties in the 1970s. At quieter times the park provides a refuge from the city and is a good place to have a picnic, fly a kite or enjoy a boat trip.




Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Park

On the banks of Wuhan’s famous East Lake, you will find several parks where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms during your leisure walk from early March to early April. Every year, some stalls line the path, so you can enjoy the festive mood while appreciating the cherry blossoms. The rows of pink cherry blossoms are really striking from morning to night, thanks to lanterns illuminating the trees.




Qingdao Zhongshan Park

The park has been famous as a cherry blossom viewing spot for a few years already. People enjoying a picnic under the cherry blossoms, with the ubiquitous blue tarps covering the ground, have become a common sight in spring. Qingdao is also one of the most laid-back cities to visit in China where you can find cherry blossom on some streets with a sea backdrop.




Lushun Longwangtang Cherry Park

Lushun Longwangtang Cherry Park is located in north China’s city of Dalian, therefore the cherry blossom starts from mid-April to early May. The park is connected to the historic site where big guns were fired in the historic battle between Japanese and Russians, years ago. There are acres of cherry trees with a labyrinth of trails where you can see hundreds of them.




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