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Extend Your Work Visa in China


Please always check the period of validity and duration of stay on your visa. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might face the obligation to extend or renew your visa and passport in China. Below we have gathered for you some information in this regard.


1. Make sure your company is qualified to hire you.

Some companies are NOT qualified to hire you, for example a Chinese company who doesn’t have a social insurance certificate. Check with the HR staff as this is a very important information.


2. You can renew your work permit and residence permit maximum 3 month in advance.

The visa extension application should be submitted at least 7 days before the expiration date of the visa. If you apply too late, you may have to overstay and you will become subject to a fine and possible deportation. Once your visa is extended, the new dates start from the day you receive your new visa – NOT from the day your old visa expired.


3. You must go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office to extend your China visa.

Normally PSB is situated in all larger towns and cities of China. You need to submit the application in person. In case the staff cannot speak English, you are recommended to take a Chinese friend with you if you can.


4. Required documents are listed below.

To be prepared by the company.

  • 1 copy of the new company’s business license
  • Username and passport for Service System for Foreigners Working in China
  • Original labor contract with the new company
  • Application form for China working license
  • Visa/residence permit application form (print on both sides of one page)
  • Letter of Authority

Note: all documents need to have the company’s seal.


To be prepared by you.

  • Original foreigner’s work permit cancellation letter
  • The resume must be exactly the same as the one you filled out in the previous work permit application.(better have a screenshot of the application from the Service System for Foreigners Working in China of your previous company)
  • Original Bachelor (or above) degree certificate (needs to be translated into Chinese)
  • Two 2-inch photos with white background
  • Original passport
  • A copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence and original


5. Please confirm following information in advance before you transfer your work permit and residence permit from company A to company B.
  • Your personal documents (for example, the bachelor degree and authentication, the reference letter and police clearance) are already in the government foreign work permit (FWP) system.
  • Company A will cancel your work permit properly.
  • Company B has already opened their company account in the FWP system.
  • Do not change your working experience or job title arbitrarily, it’s all recorded in the system already.
  • If you quit company A, normally, they will cancel your residence permit and give you a 1 month stay permit – T visa (There are only about 20 days left when you get it)


6. Remember to update your registration form of temporary residence if you moved your home address or you have a new passport.

If your home address and passport number have not changed, you can keep using your old one. You can do the registration online:


7. Get the registration form of temporary residence in a local police station.

You are required to register in the local police station within 24 hours upon arrival. When you get a new visa or move to a new place, you need to redo it. If you are renting an apartment or staying with your friends, you need to go to the local police station by yourself. Normally, you are required to take the following documents: Apartment rental contract and passport.


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