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Four seasons in Daocheng Yading


The Daocheng Yading Scenic Area has not only magnificent and sacred snow mountains, but also vast meadows, colorful forests, and clear blue lakes. Here you can forget about your daily grind and make yourself feel like the local devout Tibetans. Dive into the wonderland of Daocheng Yading.

The summer in Daocheng is from June to August, and the winter is from December to March. The best time to travel is from May to November.


Four seasons in Daocheng Yading

There is no obvious excess in spring and summer in Daocheng Yading. In June, azaleas start to bloom, and other various flowers will slowly bloom here as well.



The hottest month will be July. Generally, the average temperature is around 18℃, but it can exceed 26℃. In August, the temperature will be around 11°C. The temperature is quite different during day and night. Summer is suitable for visiting Daocheng Yading. The weather on the plateau is not too cold, nor too hot. You can see the blue sky covered with white fluffy clouds and the green of the trees shines in the sun. Expats Holidays especially recommends the Luorong Cattle Farm, it’s a nice place for photography and family trips.



The temperature will slowly get colder from around 10°C in September to around 0 °C in November. During this season, all the green leaves gradually turn into various shades of yellow or red. Remember to visit the red grassland, where the scenery will turn into a fiery red panorama. The best time for this view is from late September to mid-October.



In winter, big parts of the landscape will be fully covered in white snow and the rivers will be frozen. Around January, the coldest time in Daocheng Yading, the temperature will drop below the freezing point.


Must visit

Bang River and Sela Scenic Resort
The Bang River and Sela Scenic Resort are two great photographic spots between the towns. In Sela, the sun rises gradually from the slopes each morning. During this time, the dim fog, the light and many shades give us a perfect vista. The Sela town is well known for this morning haze.



Chonggu Temple
The Chonggu Temple, which is 3880 meters above sea level, is located under the Xiannairi Snow Peak. Every morning and afternoon, the lamas must incense and recite the scriptures. The sounds of chanting scriptures and the sound of dharma echo in the valley make this place more mysterious.



Luorong Cattle Farm
It is a pasture where Tibetans graze nearby. The Luorong Cattle Farm is backed by three Shenshan Mountains and is a great place to see the Three Dragons. In the spring and summer seasons, flowers bloom in the meadows, mountains, and plains which are very spectacular.



Sanhaizi refers to the Milk Sea, Pearl Sea and Five-color Sea. The three Haizi hidden in the snow-capped mountains, located on the plateau, are extremely clear and beautiful.



Three sacred mountains
The Three sacred mountains are composed of three snow peaks: Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong, and Shano Dorje. The unique religious significance covers this place with a layer of mystery. The scenery along the way is extremely beautiful and will take your breath away. Don’t miss it!



Daocheng Yading displays different through all four seasons. Explore Daocheng Yading in the season which suits best for you! BOOK NOW!

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