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Gouqi Island – Little Greece of China


If you are seeking for an authentic seaside excursion not far away from Shanghai, why not consider Gouqi Island? Let’s get to know more about this “Little Greece of China.”



There is a bridge between the Gouqi Island and Shengshan Island, therefore you can explore the attractions on both islands.



Wonders of Mountains and Seas
It is the highest point of Gouqi Island where you can overlook the sea pastures and fishing boats. In the afternoon you can view the sunset blossoms red and gold.



Dawang Beach 
Dawang Beach is the largest beach on Gouqi Island with about 200 meters length and 20 meters wideness. Here you can have fun in the sea or just stroll on the sand with your loved one.



Dongya Cliff 
You can walk up to the heights of the cliff to look over the sea and the mussel culture area. Around 4-5 am in the morning, the sunrise offers the most stunning view with its golden sunshine reflecting on the sea.



Xiyang Bay 
The bay is the best place to enjoy the sunset with your loved one.



Houtouwan Village 
Here, you can find many uninhabited houses that have gradually been covered with vines and eroded away by nature. The sky and the sea appear to be connected to one another, taking you into the green fairy tale world.




Wait wind Hotel
The hotel is located in Shengshan Island, Zhoushan City. There are 5 different room types you may choose, the most recommended will be the room type that offers you a breathtaking 270° sea view window. As for the facilities they provide an outdoor infinity pool, bar, and restaurant.






Waiting for you Homestay
If you want a large French window just right in the room where you can enjoy the vast ocean view, then Waiting You Luxury Homestay is your perfect choice! There is also another special room type that owns a private pool.







Gouqi Island belongs to a group of nearly 400 islands known as Shengsi Islands, located in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province.


Departure from Shanghai

Get up early in the morning and drive from Shanghai downtown to Shenjiawan Wharf. The ferry’s schedule to Gouqi Island might be slightly different in each season, but normally there is one fixed schedule per day that departs at 9:40 and takes around 4-hour to arrived at Gouqi Island. According to the season, the ferry company may add a few more schedules.

Upside: You can visit Gouqi Island directly from Shanghai.
Downside: Tickets are relatively limited to book and you might need to wake up very early to get aboard the ferry on time.


Departure from Zhoushan City

You can first arrive at Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, and rest for one day. Get up in the early morning on the next day and head to Zhujiajian Centipede Wharf and get aboard the ferry to go to Gouqi Island. The ferry’s schedule might be slightly different in each season, but normally only one schedule per day departs at 7:45 and return at 12:20.

Upside: Tickets are relatively easy to book. You can also have the chance to explore the Zhoushan City.
Downside: The ticket is more expensive and you need to stay in Zhoushan City for one night.


Travel Tips

1. July and August are peak seasons while March to November are low seasons. December to February are not recommend to visit because it is a bit cold and not much to tour.
2. Typhoons occasionally occur starting from the end of July until the beginning of October. For your safety, the ferry might be suspended until the typhoon is over.
3. The ticket for the ferry can only be purchase 4 days in advance. We would recommend visiting on the weekday, mainly because from Friday to Sunday it is not easy to book a ticket especially in the peak season.
4. For your safety, renting a battery car or bicycle is not allowed, since some roads are uneven surfaces that might be dangerous when riding the bike.


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