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Hike the Most Magnificent Mt. Wuyi


Explore one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas of southeastern China, Mount Wuyi that comes with a pleasant climate, fascinating scenery and time-honored history. Wuyishan is one of the most beautiful Danxia Landforms in China including popular historical and cultural heritages such as Daoism culture, Lingnan culture, and tea culture. If you are a nature lover who likes hiking and seeing wonderful landscapes, you cannot miss this idyllic destination that attracts both tourists at home and abroad.


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Must-See Sights

The Wuyi Mountains scenic area is divided into four core parts: the Nine-Bend River area, Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Wuyishan National Scenic Area, and a special zone that houses important cultural remains of the Ancient Han Dynasty.

Whether you’re interested in hiking, boating, bird watching, tea estates, waterfalls, cultural heritage sites, or simply want to explore a beautiful, pollution-free part of China, the Wuyi Mountain range offers something for everyone.


Nine-bend River

A key scenic site originated in the western part of Mount Wuyi. The total length of the stream is around 62.8 km, bending in several places around the mountains with abundant and pure water.

Taking a bamboo raft down the river to view the beautiful scenery of the mountains is one of the most popular activities in Nine-bend River.



Tianyou Peak

The name of this place reveals its uniqueness. When you climb this peak on a cloudy day, you will feel like you are having a tour of heaven surrounded by the clouds. It stands in the center of the whole attraction, with a height of around 400 m. Its special scenery makes it a must for Mount Wuyi Travel.


Water Curtain Cave

This is one of 72 caves in Mount Wuyi, where you will first see a small waterfall arriving at the attraction, but once you keep on going up, you can view the Water Curtain Cave appear before your eyes. There are two large waterfalls pouring from the top of the cave at a height of over 100 m, like two bead curtains falling from the sky.


Tiger Roaring Rock

If you are wondering as for how this place gets its name? On Tiger Roaring Rock, there lies a huge cave. When the wind blows through the cave, huge sounds echo among the mountains, just like the sound of a tiger roaring. That’s how this place got the name of Tiger Roaring Rock.


A Thread of Sky

This place is actually an enormous rock with a height of around 50m split from the top with a narrow crack, of which the widest part is 1m (3.3 ft) and the narrowest part is only 0.3m. Looking up to the sky from the narrow crack, you will find the sky is like a thread, hence the name A Thread of Sky.


Wuyi College

In the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279), a person named ‘Zhu Xi’ built a college on Mount Wuyi to study and develop Confucianism, an important ancient Chinese philosophy. The college has now been turned into a museum named Wuyi College due to the great influence in Chinese history, Zhu Xi showed in his work by writing books and giving lectures, especially on education.

In addition to sightseeing, tasting a Dahongpao Tea is strongly suggested, as the Mount Wuyi is the main tea production base in China. Its ‘rock tea’ is one of the most famous types. And among all kinds of rock teas, Dahongpao Tea is the most popular due to its color combination of red, green and yellow. The flavor of this tea is strong yet mellow. When the tea trees are budding in spring, they turn to red in color as if the mountain is wearing a red robe. That is how “Dahongpao” got its special name, which means the ‘red robe’ in Chinese.


Hiking in the Mount Wuyi

Although there are no cable cars in the Wuyi Mountain area, the mountains are quite easy to climb. Therefore, the best way to enjoy the beautiful views is taking a hike. There are clear signs along the way for you to get from one sight to another. Hence, the following three hiking routes are greatly recommended to you.



1. Tianyou Peak – Taoyuan Cave – Xingcun Village (Raft Pier)

Time needed: 2–3 hours

Difficulty: moderate

After climbing up to the Tianyou Peak, you can hike down in a different direction to Taoyuan Cave to explore a beautiful temple in the Taoyuan Cave area.

After you leave Taoyuan Cave, you can turn right to Xingcun Village, and cross a bridge to take the raft. Or you can take the tourist bus from there to other sights.


2. Dahongpao Tree – Water Curtain Cave

Time needed: 1.5–2 hours

Difficulty: easy

Though the two sights may seem boring, the scenery on the way is the most beautiful and less crowded. This hiking route is almost downhill and suitable for all ages. You can even hear the sound of the stream along the way.


3. Tiger Hissing Peak – One-Line-Sky

Time needed: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: moderate

The scenery is less beautiful than the other two routes, but if you have the time it’s worth seeing. Turn right at the standing Bodhisattva for the path to the One-Line-Sky area. If you’re short of time take the tourist bus between these sights.


Transport Information

  • Access the town and the park directly via the nearby airport of Nanping Wuyishan.
  • Take a taxi from the airport to the city of Wuyishan, which is just a 9-KM distance.
  • Catch a train connecting the park from the cities of Xiamen and Fuzhou, as well as G trains from Beijing and Shanghai.

Overall, sitting on a bamboo raft in the rainy days and watch over the beautiful scenery of rain, clouds, brooks, and fish, makes you feel like you are in an artistic conception of Chinese landscape paintings.

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