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How to Visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan


In the city of Lijiang, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Snow Mountain) is well known for its 13 peaks, 19 glaciers and breathtaking snow scenery. Visiting the Jade Dragon Snow mountain is likely to be on your itinerary. Let us guide you in making the most out of your trip!



The name of the mountain in the Naxi language means ‘Heavenly Mountain’. It is the sacred mountain of the Naxi people and the embodiment of their protector — War God Sanduo. Meanwhile, 13 continuous snow peaks look just like a flying dragon, so it is named after “Jade Dragon”.



Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Scenery Spot includes Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Yak Meadow, Spruce Meadow and Ganhaizi Tourist Center. There are many options for the routes, but basically your visit can be done in one day covering the main spots such as Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley and Impression of Lijiang.



Glacier Park

This is the most popular spot among others, you can easily reach the highest altitude (4500m+) via cable car. On your journey in the cable car, different altitudes give rise to changing landscapes with peaceful meadows giving way to snow-covered paths and glaciers.

When arriving at the top you can walk up the many stairs all the way up to the highest point at 4680m. You might be worried about altitude sickness, but normally if you are in reasonable health condition and free of cardiovascular issues, a short visit is allowed. But if you are not sure about your health condition, buying oxygen bottles is highly recommended, or just stay on the viewing point instead.



Blue Moon Valley

Local legends of the Naxi people claim the water in Blue Moon Valley gets its blue pigmentation from the gods taken to the valley. In fact, the river originates from the melting snow of the Himalayas above, and gets its turquoise tint from copper ions in the water.

The terraces in Blue Moon Valley are mostly natural, while the Chinese government has done several artificial interventions to make them look even more spectacular. The color of the river can be blue or white which depends on the weather the day before. If it rains on the previous day, the white mud and the limestone rubble at the riverbed will make the water white.




Yak Meadow

If you prefer to immerse yourself in nature or it’s your second time visiting this place, you can consider hiking Yak Meadow located on the hillside of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Yi people and Tibetans like to pasture their Yak here therefore it is named “Yak Meadow.”

It is a typical meadow scenery, a holy land for sightseeing and relaxation. There are many scenic spots on the meadow, such as the snowy valley, Yak Glacier, colorful Meadow and primitive Pine Tree Forest.




Spruce Meadow

Spruce Meadow in Naxi language means a place where people die for love. It was considered a symbol of perfect love by young men and women of Naxi in ancient times. It is located on the hillside of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Here is embraced by the virgin spruce forests.

Around the Spruce Meadow, you might see some girls dressed in bright ethnic clothing dancing on the meadows. Those who wear sheepskin capes are Naxi girls, while the ones who wear hats made of colored threads are Dai girls.




Impression Lijiang

Impression Lijiang that uses the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as background reproduces the culture of Naxi, Yi, and Bai minorities in Lijiang in a six parts story. The first two parts present the close relationship between human beings and nature. The next two manifest the experiences of minority people climbing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and traveling to Lijiang Old Town. The last two parts show the longing of the people for their ancestors.




Archaic legend in Dragon Snow Mountain

Once upon a time, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Lijiang) and Haba Snow Mountain (Shangri-La) were twins. They had lived on the Golden Sand River until one day a devil usurped the river. The brothers were very brave and had a fierce fight with the devil. Unfortunately, Haba died in the fight and Jade Dragon beat the devil by using the 13 swords. For guarding and preventing the people, Jade Dragon held the 13 swords in hands day and night. As time passed, the brothers had turned into the two snow mountains, and the 13 swords had become the 13 peaks.


Travel Tips
  • Better to bring a down jacket if you are visiting Glacier Park to overcome the freezing temperatures.
  • If you are a heart disease patient, for your safety you should not visit Glacier Park.
  • Entrance tickets do not include the fee of cable car and impression show.
  • Glacier Park has limited visitors per day, therefore it is better to book in advance.
  • You can bring portable oxygen canisters to avoid altitude sickness. It can be purchased in supermarkets in the towns or at the cable car station.
  • You will face long queues if you decide visiting during peak season, so it’s better to start your tour early in the morning.


There are many things that await your exploration at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. No matter you visit it for the first time or return to visit it again, we believe you will discover a brand new Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Come and plan your very own trip together with our travel consultants! BOOK NOW!

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