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The 6 Best Places to Stargaze in China


Thanks to the climate conditions as well as landform including high-altitude mountains, arid deserts, and vast grassland, China is one of the best stargazing countries in Asia. As the Milky Way’s galactic center shines above the Northern Hemisphere from May through September, summer is a nice season to see star-speckled up on the sky.


Tianhuangping Scenic Area (Anji)

Tianhuangping Scenic Area is located in Anji County, 30 kilometers from Hangzhou. The best place for stargazing is the top of the mountain of Tianchi Scenic Spot. You can learn some interesting things from the Starry Sky Science Exhibition Room in the daytime and camp at night beside the spot. Speaking of timing, you will also want to come here at beginning and end of the month because then you will have the chance not only to see the most stars, but also a chance to really see the Milky Way in its fabulous beauty.



Namtso Lake (Tibet)

It is located in the northwest of Lhasa which is the highest saltwater lake in the world with an altitude of 4718 meters. Consisting of over 1500 lakes and five big islands, it is a wonderful place to Stargaze. The area’s signature lake is quite a sight when lit up beneath a sparkling blanket of stars.



Niubei Mountain (Sichuan)

The Niubei Mountain has an altitude of 3,600 meters surrounded by the mountain, and spans from Yingjing County to Luding County in southwest China’s Sichuan. You can immersive the stargazing experience in a 360-degree panorama at night while viewing the sea cloud in the early morning.



Chaka Salt Lake (Qinghai)

In China, Chaka Salt Lake is known as the “Mirror of The Sky” and ” the best shooting spot of Stargaze in China”. The lake sits at an altitude of 3000 meters with low artificial light and few pollutants in the air that obstruct viewing conditions. A high visual magnitude doesn’t hurt either, and that’s what makes this spot so stellar to check out those shining stars. Besides, you can also see the lake reflecting the stars giving you an opportunity to immerse yourself in this magic wonder.



Taklimakan Desert (Xinjiang)

The great desert of Central Asia and one of the largest sandy deserts in the world – Taklimakan Desert. In the remote and otherworldly desert, stargazing is entirely a next-level experience. The conditions here are absolutely ideal for stargazing — dry and clean air, combined with a seemingly never-ending skyline. When you visit it looks more like Mars than planet Earth, especially when illuminated by a Milky Way glow.



Hulunbuir Grassland  (Inner Mongolia)

There is no debate that the Hulunbuir Grassland is a must-visit grassland in Inner Mongolia. Filled with cattle graze and sheep, the vast grassland is a peaceful destination to enjoy the stars and some alone time with nature while you can also experience a night in a traditional Mongolian yurt.



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