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Top 5 one day tours in Xi’an


Xi’an is home to some of the most diverse cultures, histories, and mountains in China. If you wish to discover something special. Join our one-day tour!


Walk into the world of old Xi’an

Duration: around 2-4 hours

During this walking tour you’ll have a chance to slow down and explore the old Xi’an street with your guide. You will start at the South Gate of the City Wall and walk on the wall before you get to the Wenchang Gate. Then you’ll walk through the Shuyuanmen Culture Street, the South Avenue, and the Fenxiang Old Street. Continue untill you reach the Bell & Drum Tower Square, the ancient city center of Xian. Always feel free to ask your guide about things you are interested in.




Explore the Backstreets of the Old Town

Duration: around 1.5-2 hours

If you prefer to see a more local lifestyle, this tour is perfect for you! Stroll through lanes where local people have already lived for generations. There are many local workshops, restaurants and authentic local markets in the backstreets. You can immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. At your final stop, Qiaozikou, you can overlook the Bell Tower.




Night Life in Xian

Duration: around 3-4 hours

Xian is bustling at night; therefore, this tour will start at 5.00 pm. Enjoy walking on the old city wall during the sunset (biking is optional for charge). Afterwards, you should go to the city wall park to spot some locals singing or dancing. Our guide will take you through the park until you reach the opera house. There you can enjoy the dumpling banquet during a night show of the Tang Dynasty.




Meet the Terracotta Warriors

Duration: around 6-7 hours

The Terracotta Army is a must-see that you can not miss during your visit in Xi’an! Our guide will pick you up from the hotel. Together you will take the subway to the train station, and then continue on the express bus. Your guide will introduce the history and stories of this burial site of an incredible army of 8000 lifelike Terra-cotta soldiers. After the tour, you will return with the express bus to Xian Train Station.



Hike the Mountain Hua

Duration: around 10-12 hours

Mountain Hua is known for its steep hillsides and sharp ridges and is called “the most adventurous mountain under heaven”! In the morning our guide will pick you up from the hotel. Then you’ll take the subway to the “North Railway Station” to get to the high-speed train to “Huashan Bei Station”. Arrive at the entrance and take the tourist shuttles and cable cars to the top of the mountain to save time. Hike to the peak of the mountain to enjoy the different magnificent views. Ride the cable car down before 4 pm and then take the high-speed train back to Xian city.




Xian is a great destination for a short trip back in ancient history. If you would like to visit any other spot in Xi’an, please feel free to contact our travel consultants. They will arrange a tailor-made tour for you! BOOK NOW!

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