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Top 5 China Provinces for a Summer Vacay


Looking for the China provinces for a summer vacay to escape the summer heat? We all know the beach destination Sanya, but where else can you cool down? Expats Holidays recommends these top 5 provinces in China for your summer vacay in China.



Here you can experience endless ethnic customs and enjoy the natural beauty of this fairyland in Summer. As home to a tropical rainforest – Xishuangbanna offers the only oasis on the Northern Tropic, it is hard to find an area with such biological diversity anywhere else in China. At the same time, the region is also famous for its tea. You may carry a small basket to experience tea picking. Afterwards you can drink a refreshing tea with the tea farmers.

Yunnan has a cultural heritage site named Yuanyang terraces. Although the irrigation season is over, the sea clouds above the terraces are still the most beautiful scenery. Don’t miss this opportunity! Jianshui Ancient City is a thousand-year-old town full of history. When you come to Jianshui, try to make Jianshui Tofu with the old craftsmen, it will be an unforgettable memory and experience on your trip. The blooming season for the lotus flower in Puzhehei Scenic Resort is every year between June and August. This is not only the most beautiful water town of the Yi ethnicity, but also the most popular family destination in China.


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The average temperature in Guizhou in the summer is around 20 degrees. Perfect as a summer resort. The Huangguoshu Water Fall is China’s largest waterfall and understandably Guizhou’s number-one natural attraction. These falls really shake the local landscape with their cacophony, while rainbows from the mist dance over the Rhinoceros Pool below. There is a hidden gem named Seven Small Arches. A boat ride is the most comfortable way to view the landscape of caves, forests, lakes, mountains, stones and waterfalls.

As China’s largest Zhaoxing DongZhai, here you can visit the unique wooden Diaojiao house, the beautiful Tangan terraces, and watch the Dong song and dance at night.


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It’s fitting that an ancient form of opera and magic called biànliǎn (face-changing) originated here in Sichuan. The heaven of cuisine – Chengdu. The busy lights of downtown, and the slow life in the alley combine both prosperity and arts.

In China’s history, Meishan has successfully educated many candidates for the highest imperial examinations. This a green dream with the quaint National Forest Park, the Wawu Mountain, the lush Yuping Mountain, and the misty and rainy Liujiang ancient town.

Sichuan owns the last piece of pure land, called Daocheng Yading. This destination is dotted with aquamarine blue sea, the magnificent Haizi Mountain and ancient villages filled with idyllic farms.


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Synonymous with the Silk Road, the slender province of Gansu was the region through which goods and ideas once streamed between China and Central Asia. Duhuang Ancient City Ruins are well known to the world for its history. Mogao Grottoes is the cave with a thousand buddhas. The desert surrounds a spectacular landmark, the Crescent Moon Pool. If you are into history, you will love it here!

Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is “China’s most beautiful tourist resort” on the list of the United Nations Human Settlements Development Association. There you’ll find rich Tibetan Buddhism culture, and Grassland with endless green farmland and glorious valleys.

Zhangye is an important town along the silk road. Undulating Danxia Geopark, the green Qilian Mountain, and the elegant landscape of the lotus in the “Zhangye National Wetland Park” are all worthy places to visit.


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Summer is the best season to travel to Qinghai. The climate is pleasant and the scenery is magnificent. Every picture you take here will look like a painting. There are many beautiful lakes in Qinghai. The most spectacular will be definitely Chaka Salt Lake, it is pure and you can see the sky’s reflection on the lake.

Qinghai has vast expanses of desert. On one side are the rolling sand dunes and on the other side is the boundless lake. This kind of spectacle is rare in China.




Experience something different this summer. It is the perfect time to get away from the urban hustle. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our travel consultants.

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