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This is a great resort for the family. There are many swimming pools suitable for different age groups. There are also lots of facilities for kids and adults. Even this resort is a bit old, its facilities are still well […]
Fujian is famous for its landmarks named Tulou, pure and clean Gulangyu Island, and the breathtaking Wuyi Mountain. Besides, you can meet the renowned Hakka cultural people who still live there with a great history of hundreds of years.   […]
  If you are looking for a resort where your child can enjoy the playground facilities while you can relax and unwind on the beach, then Shangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa can fullfill your family needs. The resort offers 496 […]
Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, enjoy a thrilling ride to Thailand unlike any other with Expats Holidays this festive season. Best known for its tasty eats, exotic beaches, and many astonishing temples, Thailand does a fabulous job to […]
The illusional landscape you will find exactly true after a single trip for 4 days. The journey of Guilin will begin with many picturesque sceneries surrounding the fascinating mountains and serene lakes, where you will be whisked away to somewhere […]
Grab your bullet train tickets and visit the Yellow Mountains! Enjoy the stunning view of Yellow mountain and immerse yourself in the wonders of China’s architecture. All of these are packed into your 4 days of the Yellow Mountains Tour. […]
In this Luoyang tour we include all the essential attractions which gives you a chance to take an exploration of the ancient capital, starting from the surviving signature sight – Longmen Grottoes to experience the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.   […]
Go beyond the temples and discover the diverse culture, tantalizing cuisine, and never ending curiosities of Cambodia on this 8-day tour package. Greatly admire the amazing attractions starting from splendid architectures of Angkor Wat at Siem Reap to the horrors […]
Embark on a freezing journey to the ice city of Harbin for 3 full days in China.  The home to many popular attractions such as Russian influences and Siberian big cats, where you will be fortunate to witness and admire […]
Guilin, with its enchanting karst mountains and picturesque countryside, is one of the most popular travel destinations in China. This tour covers both Guilin and Yangshuo which offer you a great time to indulge in nature.   About This Trip […]
There is no doubt that Xishuangbanna is a must-visit stop on a trip to Yunnan. This city boasts lush tropical rain forests with a variety of rare animals. The annual average temperature is 21 ℃ and never snows here.   […]
Zhangjiajie is a lovely city you can’t miss visiting in China. It is well-known for unspoiled natural sceneries, more than three thousand unique rick ridges and breathtaking sandstone quart peaks by sitting in the Hunan province, located in the south […]