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The mega magnet is drawing attention from zillions of tourists all over the world facilitating millions of expats its space for a second home. The tour is a fantastic getaway to appreciate the sky-high buildings and architectural fantasies the world […]
The Army of Terracotta Warriors, the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, Xī’ān City Walls and the Muslim Quarter are the must-see attractions in this classical city. Once you start wandering the city, this will be an incredible experience you can’t digest […]
In these 5 days Xinjiang Silk Road Tour, you can enjoy the nature, and witness the long history and rich culture alongside the Silk Road.   About This Trip Price: From 844 USD  / per person Best time to visit: […]
Embark on the grandeur of the Yellow Mountains, also called The Huangshan Mountain known for its charming sunsets, giant granite peaks, magnificent pine trees and sea of clouds, which you will be able to witness for 3 days in a […]
This is a great resort for the family. There are many swimming pools suitable for different age groups. There are also lots of facilities for kids and adults. Even this resort is a bit old, its facilities are still well […]
Enjoy the best of nature with abundant greenery and unique species of animals on Mt. Wuyi. To relax, have a cup of freshly grown tea and take a ride through the nine-bend river. Immerse yourself in the history of Mt. […]
As one of the largest provinces in the China area, Sichuan is home to many natural beauties. The capital of Sichuan – Chengdu introduces a modern facet to this region but beyond it, magical and enchanting places exist with ancient […]
Fujian is famous for its landmarks named Tulou, pure and clean Gulangyu Island, and the breathtaking Wuyi Mountain. Besides, you can meet the renowned Hakka cultural people who still live there with a great history of hundreds of years.   […]
  If you are looking for a resort where your child can enjoy the playground facilities while you can relax and unwind on the beach, then Shangri-La Sanya Resort and Spa can fullfill your family needs. The resort offers 496 […]
From the dramatic grasslands to striking lakes and rivers, the tour to the third largest province in China, offers the best of Inner Mongolia by taking you to some untouched places day after day. Allow yourself to gain a sea […]
Guilin was regarded as the ravel in the finest countryside under the heaven. The destination has been admired by both tourists and locals because of its picturesque landscapes, misty mountains, and refreshing lakes all around. Due to its nature, you […]
Explore an incredible tour to the most charming countryside, Guizhou in depth for 8 days. The home to around 48 of China’s ethnic groups, which is full of unique customs and traditions. You will be viewing main attractions such as […]